Friday, October 28, 2011

About Coupons

Once upon a time I tried to clip coupons to save money. I purchased just the cutest little coupon organizer that cost more than anything I saved. I spent a lot of time clipping and organizing and, occasionally, actually remembered to take my cute stash to the grocery store.  I would spend more time wandering up and down the isles looking for the discounted product. As I checked out, expecting to save at least $5, I realized that half of my coupons had expired. I quit clipping coupons. Recently I came across the Coupon Mom website and took a look. Now she has the right idea! She also does most of the work for you. I'm giving it a try because I know, that with a little discipline, I can potentially save a significant amount of money. Another good web site is Coupon Lady. This morning I received my Friday coupons in an e-mail from her website ready to print! I was especially pleased because they were foods that we really eat like MaraNatha nut butters and Kraft Parmesan Cheese. Check out these two videos and see what you think---if you aren't currently using coupons you might change your mind!


  1. I LOVE those Maranatha nut butters!

  2. Im sold. I have been watching that extreme coupon show and noticing people at the stores using coupons all time and I'm convinced this is a bandwagon I need to jump on. I will be signing up for a sunday paper asap. :-) I hope your doing well.