Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Thought

As I approach 50, I sometimes think about what I might be doing or where I might be now if life circumstances had been different, if I had made different choices along the way or if I had been more courageous in some of my ambitions.Would I have a better skill set or more courage to try out some of the things that I want to do in the second half of my life if things had been different? Make no mistake, I have a lovely life and it is not entirely by good fortune that this is so. Still, I wonder sometimes. I was out "treasure hunting" for one of my current projects recently and came across this this card. It spoke to me. It pretty much answered my question. I am reminded that, regardless of age, right this moment is the time to become everything we want or  have wanted to be. Period. No excuses. I almost wrote something witty like---"fortunately, I have no desire to be a fashion model."But, on second thought, if that was truly something that I had a passion for, then why the heck not! I wonder if there are others who have dusty dreams and ideas tucked away in a safe place---intriguing to gaze and ponder upon now and again but too intimidating to actually grab hold of and swim in the deep end with. You know, out where we can't feel the security of the ground beneath us.The place that we will have to actually break free from our comfort zones and learn to swim. Hey, I have an idea. Let's take those little beauties out of hiding, hold them tight and take the plunge! I'll be the one out there with the chic over sized floaties dog paddling towards the refreshing beverage barge----in the deep end. What ever it takes and however we get there---let's just do it!
I will return soon with project ideas that I have been finishing up, an important domestic tip from my friend,Vicki (the wise woman who encouraged us that cobwebs are actually Amish lace and quite fashionable) and an introduction to a new little friend of mine that you may just fall in love with!
Until then, don't forget -----RIGHT NOW is the perfect time!

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