Tuesday, August 28, 2012

home again

I am home from my great adventure in Vermont and Massachusetts and thought I would share a few pictures I took along the way. Vermont is ruggedly beautiful and definitely worth revisiting in the future. I met a great group of women and together, we hefted ourselves up seemingly endless steep rocky inclines, down challenging tilted granite slabs and saw some of the most miraculous beauty our country has to offer. Here  is a sample of what we experienced!

 Expansive views, miles of rushing streams and clear rock bottomed mountain ponds:

Walking through a rare flat stretch of pine forest:

Scenic spots to catch our breath after hours of uphill climbing!

cozy shelters to cook some dinner and hit the sack. No matter how crowded the shelters might be, by about 9:00 pm not a soul was awake. Hiker's Midnight!

The Forest presented an exquisite art gallery

Crossing a state line from Vermont into Massachusetts via mountain trail was an unusual experience

I can hardly wait until next year when I hit the trail again and I so hope to see some of you out there.
Until then, I hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer and sweet warm sunshine---happy trails to you!


  1. GORGEOUS!!! I hope you will considering stopping by the medical monday's blog hop going on next week. We would love to have you:-)

  2. Hello Beautiful! Missing you.. .thinking of you...what a lovely set of photos... looking forward to hearing about your next trek.