Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chocolate No-Bakes

When we lived in Oklahoma City, one of my favorite lunchtime haunts was a tiny cafe and bakery called Mclarens Pantry. It is owned and run by a couple of robust Scotts women who knew how to feed a crowd. One of the most popular items on their menu was chocolate no-bake cookies. Oh my gosh were they good. Because I have the self discipline of a marshmallow when it comes to tasty snacks, my little girls and I found ourselves in front of the bakery counter frequently at Mclarens. I blame myself for their current addiction. We eventually moved away from Oklahoma and I thought my love affair with chocolate no-bakes had surely come to an end. It was not to be. My daughter, Kristyn refused to be denied her all-time favorite treat so she found a recipe and made them. Bless her soul. There was much rejoicing. While the girls all still lived at home we had a plentiful supply. I never worried about over consumption for myself because the majority of them disappeared practically before I could blink. The girls are all grown up now and have left home. What hasn't left is my deep affection. For chocolate no-bakes cookies, that is. Seriously. It is a dilemma because to make an entire batch produces about 2 dozen cookies. I will eat them. Every last one. They are just as delicious at breakfast time as they are for a little midnight snack. They can really get you through an afternoon slump or fuel your creative juices. You can see where this could lead to unwanted excess fleshiness in time. So, rather than completely severing all contact, I have cut the recipe in half. This has worked out very well because they are so quick and easy to make that small batches here and there won't lead to button popping despair. You just have to give these a try. With summer at our doorstep, they are great for picnics and cook outs. Whip up a batch for the weekend! This recipe makes about 1 dozen so, if you need more, double it. Enjoy!
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