Monday, March 5, 2012

Flying Lessons

Well, it has been a while, hasn't it. I experienced a bit of blogger's block but I am back. The last 3 months have been interesting and life changing. Our daughters have been gone from home for a year now and I have been changing. I completely understand empty nest now. It is not that I mourn and yearn for the girls. I am happy and excited for them to launch into their fabulous lives and I have every confidence in them. It is just that I didn't realize quite the impact that so much time on my hands would have! No one to boss around, taxi here and there, ever so subtly manipulate to clean up the abyss ( aka: bedroom) and any other tasks that I deemed crucial. Did I mention subtle? I should also mention clever, or so I thought. Well, the house is certainly quiet. Our beautiful girls have soared off on strong wings that I am so proud and privileged to have been part of the design and development. So,what is a stay- at- home- mom to do when the season of raising children is done? I decided to take a year to to re-acquaint myself with me. I have been nurturing, mentoring, cheer leading and supporting my family's growth and dreams for so long now that I have lost touch a little bit of who I am. Do you remember "Runaway Bride" with Julia Roberts? How do I like my eggs? So, I began thinking of all the things I've wanted to try and all of the things I loved to do as a girl before I was conditioned to believe that life is a formula that must be memorized and rehearsed in order to master successfully. I'm done with the formula. It is a formula that I  didn't even design! I find that I spend so much energy trying to stay within the lines that someone else created that I am missing the beauty and discovery of creating my own portrait. It is time for flying lessons for good ole Mom because she has forgotten how to leap beyond the nest! I began taking Cello lessons. I can now rake out out "Go Tell Aunt Rhody." It is not all that melodious yet but I love playing. My mind is so busy telling Old Auntie "all about it" that everything else stands still for a while. I am finding that time standing still is a good thing sometimes. I also have been learning how to make art. My style is turning out to be very different than what I thought it would be. I am a free spirit that was always terrified to be free! That is changing. I have found new wings and am excited to share my journey with you if you would like to come along! The most important thing I have done is to do some soul searching in order to come to terms with past mistakes and heartbreaks. To lay to rest the things that have tried to hinder me and to heal instead of just bandage so that I can move forward and be who I was designed to be. I have gained confidence to venture into the unknown because I am sure that this is where I will find my truest peace and purpose. In the process of all of this I have found a passion and a desire. A determination to make a difference. An age old issue was reintroduced to me recently and now I have the time to research and try to help. The issue is the devastating sexual slavery trade and abuse of young girls and women both abroad and in our own country. I have just finished reading Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.
If you are at all interested in this subject, it is an excellent read. Now, I have decided to use my love of crafting and homemaking to help a new generation of little girls and young women. I am excited to tell you that I am going to be opening an Etsy shop soon to start selling the things I make. I am currently researching how I can best support domestic and foreign sexual slavery and abuse and I will use a portion of my earnings to aid efforts to provide freedom and healing for the victims. I am venturing into the realm of social entrepreneurship! For now, though, I wanted to say hello again and let you know that my blog will be transforming as I do. All the basic love of home and homemade is still here and I will still be sharing fun projects and recipes with you all. In fact, I am posting a recipe that you will not want to miss in just a few days! Stay tuned. These yummy tidbits are over-the top delicious and easy to make.  I will also be exploring new ideas and new ventures and invite you to come along for the ride. Buckle up! It may be a wild adventure!


  1. I Love that you have found your wings and are taking flight! Love you tons!

  2. Great post, Lisa! :) I know I will be feeling this way very soon. (You know, you could take up the trumpet...-hee hee)

    1. ha ha. Who knew that the pre-compter/smart phone use of our trumpets to alert one another for messages wedged in between the fence slats would be a precursor to social media and ring tones!

  3. I think I know what recipe it is....yum!!! Love you Mom!!

  4. Love your 'Be Free' art!!! And I totally get the reference to the Julia Roberts moment in Runaway Bride! I haven't finished Half the Sky yet, but am plugging it is eye-opening and disturbing so far. So glad to have met you and gotten to know you a little....Frankie

  5. Beautiful post! I'm inspired by your desire to rediscover your passions -- bravo! I can't wait to see the recipe. :)