Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn Home Decor

I love perusing the catalogs that find their way to my house for home decor ideas. One look I really love is old books stacked and tied with twine. Actually, the displays I have seen take off the outer covers and display the worn looking pages. I love that look too. To buy them from the boutiques or home decor companies will cost you anywhere from $40-$50 for a stack of three. I have bookshelves full of old books that worked just as well. A trip to antique and thrift shops is also an option to supply you with less expensive old books. I really tried to tear off the covers but I just couldn't. I tea dyed kitchen twine and tied up my little stack with covers and bindings intact. I love the the worn texture. I also loved that I could add a little color and interest to my Autumn decor with something I already had! Who knew old books would be so "In"!
Candles create such a cozy atmosphere. The mesmerizing pirouette of that happy little flame brightens up any room. To me, the soothing aroma coaxes me to a relaxed state of mind. I need to relax. I need a lot of candles.  If you live locally, Shaker Tree in Garrettsville has stocked the shop full of gorgeous Autumnal home decor. I think they have the best selection of amazing candles that will add a cheery glow the moment you touch a flame to the wick. Happy Decorating!
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  1. And just when I think I am all ready for Fall, I now have to find out where in the heck to buy kitchen twine, and Of Course I had to go to Shaker Tree (thanks Kim)....OH, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THE 28TH! Love ya!

  2. Thank you, Vicki! I found kitchen twine at William Sonoma about 5 years ago and still had some. I would bet that other kitchen stores would have it too