Thursday, June 23, 2011

Got Soap?

Not long ago I saw the most amazing apothecary jar filled with miniature soaps in a catalog. I loved it! It would be perfect in my master bath. I really wanted it. I knew that I should see if a similar product could be found at a better price but my inner impulsive voice began to speak. What if other home decor companies did not carry anything resembling this chic concept? What if,while searching and coming up empty handed, the very last amazing apothecary jar was purchased by some one else? It does happen, you know. All the time. Before I could stop myself, my fingers had proceeded to the shopping cart check-out and pressed purchase! Oops. Was that bad to do? Oh, well. Next, the soap. Let's see, I should need a couple of dozen or so for the large apothecary. Yikes! Those little soaps are oh so cute but pricey. What to do? Thankfully, I remembered all of the miniature soaps we have collected from hotels while traveling that were stashed away in the linen closet. Brilliant! I ran upstairs and pulled the overflowing basket from the shelf and was pleased to see that, not only would the soaps fit perfectly in my new apothecary jar, they were also a nice variety of colors, fragrances, and shapes. I love the way they look in the bathroom. I do not anticipate needing to buy bath soap at all in the near future! Every time someone in the family travels, I will become the happy recipient of hotel toiletries and restock the jar. If you would like to display your own collection of bath soaps, you can find all sorts of really pretty containers that are fairly inexpensive. I paid extra for instant gratification but you need not worry that you won't find the container of your dreams. I, of course, saw all kinds of similar apothecary jars the next week for a fraction of the cost at craft and discount retail stores. Did I mention that I do not anticipate purchasing bath soap in the near future? The cut glass decanter sitting next to the soap display is filled with mouth wash! My clever friend, Laura, introduced me to the idea. I purchased the decanter at an antique store for $5.00. What are some bath decor ideas that you have seen or use? Any ideas for fun guest bath ideas?

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  1. I love that idea! In my quiltroom bathroom I used the glass cylinder from a wedding centerpiece (that held a big candle) and filled it with sea shells. Then found a seashell wreath that fit around the bottom of it wonderfully! It fit beautifully with my seashell theme. Thanks for sharing Lisa! I love the little birdie painting in your bathroom.