Sunday, May 1, 2011

Workt By Hand 2011

I have just returned from a fabulous workshop called Workt By Hand. Artists Alice Strebel, Melissa Becker, Sally Korte and Sue Spargo have hosted this workshop for the last nine years. Click on the highlighted names to see their websites. I sure am glad I found out about Workt by Hand in time to go this year! 
The project this year was a wool pillow bolster.The artists designed a general idea and then each of them created their own interpretation of said idea. They did not see what each had created until they met for the workshop. Our challenge---take the same bolster theme, ideas from each of the artists, our own ideas, a lot of fun fibers and embellishments and---fly! All of the women present were incredibly talented and inspiring. Attendees were from places like Australia, New Zealand, New York, Ohio, the Carolina's, Florida....and so forth! I made new friends, ate cupcakes, shopped, stitched and embarrassed myself by missing my chair when I went to sit down. You see, we had just received our surprise bonus project on Thursday night and I guess I was a little excited.  There is so much to share with you that I am going to spend the next week blogging about the event, the town, techniques I learned  that you may like to know and the progress I am making putting my project together.

                         Here are a few tidbits for today:
Thursday's Surprise Bonus Project
I really like surprises!
This project is a cute little folk artsy bird needle keep. You can see why I slightly miscalculated my chair landing--especially since, as you can see, coffee and cupcakes where involved.
My project is started!

Close-up of embellishments
This is the way magnolia blossoms look on my planet! And no, those are not eyes-- they are a work in progress. Maybe they will stay, maybe they will disappear--we will see.
I'll be back with more soon!


  1. I hope you can go next year Jan!!

  2. Lucky you! I have had this event on my list for a long time, but still have not made it to one....can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Monica, knowing how creative you are, I think you would really like this workshop!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    It was a magical time wasn't it!! I'm always on a high after WBH !
    Your pics are great!!

    Lori Ann

  5. Lori Ann,
    I can hardly wait until next year-----I will look forward to seeing you there!

  6. I thought it quite funny that we took kind of similar pics with the scissors and tag!
    Your pics are lovely! Enjoy working on your piece . . . That is unless you are done already! :-)

  7. Lori, I looked at your blog and we really do think a like! I really enjoyed reading The Spotted Hare. Your work is whimsical and beautiful. I am going to share it on my site for others to enjoy! I hope you will post a pic of your finished piece------ mine is still in the works----

  8. Your project is sooo great! And those bullions!!! (Is that how you spell it) Anyway, great job! Your friend from WBH - Jackie