Sunday, April 3, 2011

These are darn cute and fun to make

Do you knit? If you do, you will love these darling and very useful Ballband Dishcloths! They are so cheerful and nice to use that you may not even mind wiping up a mess here or there. Maybe wash a dish or two. You can knit them up in a snap to grace your own sink or to give to some lucky someone as a little present. They are a fantastic addition to a house warming gift! These sweeties are thick, absorbent and suds up in the most satisfying way. The pattern can be found in a book called Mason-Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardner and Ann Shayne. These two women are a riot and, I must warn you, more time may be spent laughing at the delightful humor in this book than knitting. Check the library. Even if you just go to the book store and thumb through the pages ---you will find yourself smiling,possibly giggling out loud and most likely yearning to knit a dishcloth or two! Check out mason dixon knitting.
I made the Ballband Dishcloth with Sugar and Cream 100% cotton yarn that can be found at Walmart or just about any store that carries crafts. Happy knitting!


  1. Can't wait to learn how to make these vibrant colored dishcloths!!!

  2. It ALMOST makes me wish I knit!

  3. I will teach you both to knit---You can do it!