Monday, April 11, 2011

International Quilt Festival 2011

2011 Best in Show
The 2011 Quilt Festival did not disappoint! There were so many amazing works of art---many could not be photographed but here are a few that did allow.

"Grace" was done completely in fabric yo-yos

Below is a 130 year old quilt that was hand cut, pieced and tied! Mrs. Sell created this 84"x 72" quilt in the 1800s using 14,898  3/4"-5/8" squares! Amazing

The bus trip itself was over the top. Kori from Olive Grace Studios and her mom, Cathy, really out did themselves to make this the best bus trip ever! We were treated to homemade gourmet breakfast and lunch that you just don't expect on a bus. I wonder when these remarkable women slept because not only did they make food, they also made the cutest aprons and wallets for us to keep our festival necessaries in. There were even bedtime snacks delivered to our door each evening. Here is a pic of the sewing project we received for the bus---it will be a project bag when it is done.

I love it! Sign me up for the next trip!  Thank you Ladies!

I am headed to my sewing machine to start cranking out some of those projects that have been waiting for me to get motivated----that means a snack is in order. Stay tuned this week when I share a really tasty snack recipe that I love to eat as well pass along for special occasions----I always have requests for more so you won't want to miss it!


  1. That sounds like a fabulous trip! I wish I'd been there with you! I'm interested in seeing the finished project.

  2. I think my favorite quilt out of all of your pictures is the "Grace" one. It looks amazing and in such great detail!! I am so glad you had fun!

  3. Glad you had so much fun. Can't wait to see all your projects, I'm sure they will be spectacular. Wish I could have been there, talk to you soon.

  4. We missed you, Laura-- next year!

  5. Meg, I thought "Grace" was brilliant too. Each little yo-yo became a pixel. Very cool!

  6. What is a yo-yo on a quilt?

  7. Erica, a fabric yo-yo is a round fabric piece that has been basted around the circumference and gathered to look like a small flower. They are usually about silver dollar sized. The image in the quilt used hundreds of these little flower-like disks to form pixels to create a reproduction of a photo of the little girl. Cool, right?! Google fabric yo yo and you can see a good picture of what one looks like!

  8. it was awesome lisa :) thanks for the info.. keep the blog going.. it is great!!!