Sunday, March 27, 2011

linen water adds a special touch

Who in the world really enjoys ironing? There was a time when I would have rather done anything else---it was so tedious and boring. However, the Mister has to wear dress shirts and slacks to work every day and there was a time that a weekly trip to the dry cleaners was just not in the budget. Why did he have to refuse to wear any other fiber than cotton? Oh, no-- he couldn't conveniently be Mister Blend--he insisted on being Mister 100% Wrinkled Up Cotton. Well, I love him so I embarked on a quest to find a way to make the chore less mundane. Visions of pink hair rollers and soap operas invaded my fantasies of Audrey Hepburnish ways to make the ironing experience chic. One day, I came across an article about linen water. Hello! That sounds chic. I searched everywhere for this elusive tonic. I had to find it! I did. Wow. It was a real pocket book shrinker. Exit Audrey Hepburn--enter pink rollers and soap operas. I was feeling defeated when I chanced upon a book that had home recipes for cleaners and such. In the laundry chapter was a recipe for lavender linen water! I triumphantly went out and easily found the ingredients and made up a batch. I spritzed the Mister's shirts and applied the hot steamy iron. I was instantly enveloped in the luscious aroma of lavender fields. It was therapeutic even. I ironed one shirt and then another. I didn't hate it. It was a miracle. I couldn't stop. I even ironed a few pillow cases. There was so much steam at work I think I gave myself a facial. Best yet, the room I ironed in smelled fabulous the entire day. Well, I must say, that now I actually enjoy pulling out the old ironing board. The Mister is thoroughly spoiled and loves the way his shirts smell. I even heard one of my teen age daughters say, "Ahhh, so this is what love smells like!" when she layed her head on her pillow one night after a grueling day of high school. She didn't even like me all that much at the time. Who knew it would matter? It did, and I've been spritzing and steaming ever since.
 If you would like to give it a try, here is the simple recipe:
Lavender Linen Water
1/8 c. vodka    yes,vodka. It emulsifies the oil & water and acts as a preservative. I buy cheap $4/bottle brand at the grocery store.
1/2 tsp.(50 drops) lavender essential oil   Find at Whole Foods or health food store
5-10 drops peppermint essential oil (optional or try other essential oils!)
2 1/2 c. distilled water    Tap water has chlorine which destroys the essential oils
Pour into a spray bottle, shake, spritz and steam. Ahhh--heaven!
If you still don't give a hoot about ironing, you can spritz the linen water on bed linens, towels,napkins--you get the idea--without ever touching an iron and still enjoy the soothing aroma of "this is what love smells like"!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Flowers add cheer to dreary day

Well, hello! I am so glad you stopped by! Let's chat---and maybe have something tasty to nibble on. Today is turning out to be cloudy and cold here in Ohio---sometimes waiting for the Earth to wake up after months and months of snow can be so gloomy. I call March "mud month" here because it is just not very beautiful and it can be difficult to feel inspired to do anything. To give myself a little boost I pick up  tulips from the grocery store this time of year to hurry Spring along---at least inside the house! It is really not very expensive--$4 to $5 dollars-- and it is something that you can do right now to add a little flair and sunshine to your house while waiting. Now I can sit for a few moments with a cup of coffee and look for my next project to make! What do you do for a boost this time of year?